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Friday, June 3, 2011

Industrial plants in modern age

 Modern age is amazing in advancements in automation. Industrial plants are evolving to unbelievable levels. It is also worth mentioing that this evolution is helping in keeping the environmental pollution in check.

Below is a beautiful write up by Mr. Cristiano published here.
Modern industrial plants have departments that can reach a very high degree
of specialization and automation. For example, recently I was wondering
about the way production chains were functioning today, hypothesizing they
had evolved a bit from Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" factory worker at
the belt.

 In fact, they had. To a point that I could never imagine they could. For example, I did not know about the bucket elevator: this machinery is really huge, can carry grain, fertilizer, or whatever item in granular form, and is capable of working several tonnes of material per hour, thus dramatically increasing the production of a plant.

 It is amazing how much industrial machinery has progressed just in the last couple of decades. Industry today can count upon the most modern plants and equipment able to produce and convey virtually everything. They sweep away all limits to a person's business idea and will to produce, and lots of hard work to the workers employed in a plant.

  By Cristiano


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